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Day # 2

Posted by UtahCribs, Real Estate, Homes on March 14, 2008

I have been teased a lot lately about the new natural gas car a just bought.  But as soon as I let the teaser know I spend 64 CENTS per gallon they soon get quiet.  True, I went from new BMW to old honda civic but it’s worth every penny in gas savings!

Here is the Car I got I am talking about

 Go Green they say.  Well, “GREEN” is a concept that is much easier to convert too when it saves us money.  Not only with cars, there are some simple fixes we can do in our home sto save us some $GREEN$.

For example, install fans and use them more often in the summer. Seal those windows and add  insulation to the attic.  The Real Estate Journal recently came out with an atricle about the easy thing syou can do to save some $$ on your energy bills-  See the complete article here LOW COST FIXES.


2 Responses to “Day # 2”

  1. spencerjanke said

    The green concept is really the only way to go, especially in the Real Estate world. I have a truck and have averaged about 20,000 miles per year on it. Think of the amount of savings that would be in gas alone. With inventory up in the real estate industry in Salt Lake, driving from house to house is becoming more common. Maybe I should think about going Green?

  2. spencerjanke said

    I agree, gas prices continue to go up. It will be interesting to see what alternative fuels come out in the near future. I am as well interested in the Green alternative no only because it is good for the enviroment, but for the shear savings of the possibility. With real estate prices softening, and energy prices increasing we are seeing the double effect of this credit crunch. It is affecting all different types of the market.


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