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The First

Posted by UtahCribs, Real Estate, Homes on March 14, 2008

Today is day # 1 of utahcribs newly created blog.  We are three avid real estate agents working the state of utah.  Jake Breen (author) adds value to the team by staying up on statistics, managing operations and overseeing every detail.  Spencer Janke makes the sale happen.  He’s quite good considering he boosted the team to the top 5% of agents in overall production in the state of utah.  Brad Miles is the newest addition and he brings new determination, dedication and a knack for getting things done and done right.

We are not here to toot our own horn, just explaining who we are so there is some backing to our posts (ie, readers know we are good at what we do).  So as we embark on this new adventure Jake will do his best to make posts that help our friends, family and clients understand the latest about the local market and what’s happing in you neck of the woods!

I told Spence yesterday, “I don’t know why I have not started a real estate blog for us. I have all this info in my head and just keep it there.  Occasionally it’s shared with clients via voice or person to person communication but with a blog I can get to many more.”

So here we are!   Doing what we do! haha


One Response to “The First”

  1. Vonell said

    Spencer, do you still rent out your home you had in Eden? We’ve rented it before and are wondering about November 25, 26, 27, and check out 28. Thank you.

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