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Best Deals of The Day

Posted by UtahCribs, Real Estate, Homes on March 25, 2008

I spent a good hour this morning going through all the rental properties in SLC. Clients/Investors often call me looking for properties that CASH FLOW (meaning you bring in more money off your rents that your mortgage is costing you a month plus additional expenses). Well, this has been hard to find over th last few years since the market has been so hot.  Well todays two deals would actually cash flow.  So here they are!

Photo of Property MLS # List Price Stat # Units Yr Built Tot Sqft Sold Pr Ref #
Address City Acres NS/EW Tour/Open
# Furn Gas/Elec Gar/Port Pkg Spcs Laundry Taxes GSI Photo Cnt
727588 $849,000 ACT 11 1918 6548 $0 1
410 1ST AVE Salt Lake City 0.18 100N/410E Tour /
0 1/13 0/0 0 HKUP $3006 $79800 1
Photo of Property MLS # List Price Stat|Type Style Tot SqFt Sold Price Ref #
Address City Year Blt NS/EW Tour/Open
1 Bed|SqF Rent 2 Bed|SqF Rent 3 Bed|SqF Rent 4 Bed|SqF Rent
782856 $589,000 ACT|4PLX Side by Side 6,780 $0 1
861 E 1300 S Salt Lake City 1923 1300S/861E Tour /
4|1922 $1,400 2|1582 $825 3|1694 $950 3|1582 $950

-Jake Breen


One Response to “Best Deals of The Day”

  1. spencerjanke said

    We are starting to see more and more deals come out. Especially in the rental markets. If you follow the rental trends, rents in Salt Lake City are on the rise. With Real estate in Salt lake leveling out, some of the good deals are coming back. Now is the time to buy some real estate in Salt Lake while prices are still a little soft. We haven’t seen rental returns like this in several years.


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