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Largest PUD EVER in Montana

Posted by UtahCribs, Real Estate, Homes on April 2, 2008

Look, we all know the market is in the tank. We all know real estate across the board is not worth what it was 2 years ago so don’t give me those kind of comments. That’s why I am only posting deals like this one!

This deal came to my desk this morning. Looking for a personal/company looking to buy and hold. 1724 acres in Montana PAPERED (plat approved) for 2599 homes sites 2 golf course and many other amenities. In between Bozeman and Helena MT. Appraises CURRENTLY with no improvements at $18 Million. Improvements over the life of the project including Golf Courses looks to be around $70 million. CAN LIKELY BE PURCHASED for 50 cents on the dollar (meaning around $9 million).


APPRAISAL cbre-appraisal-small.pdf

Advertising design Thus Far




Let us know if you are interested. I think this is as cheep as it gets EVEN IN THE DOWN MARKET!



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