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Park City, Closer than you think.

Posted by UtahCribs, Real Estate, Homes on April 21, 2008

So many of my clients bought in Herriman, Draper and South Jordan over the past few years.  Thier biggest complaint? TRAFFIC!  Did you know that from my office at the mouth of parleys canyon just off foothill I can drive to Jeremy ranch exit in Park City in 13 minutes!  YES, I am serious!

The truth is out, you can live in the mountains with fresh air ABOVE the inversion and COMMUTE every day withOUT traffic in LESS time than living in ANYWHERE in the south end of the valley.

A good friend of mine has the best deals up the right now!  MARKET is down…..great time to buy.  You can live right up there in New construction, high quality for under $300 a square foot.  Here is an example of what you could have:

For Pricing on this unbelievable development along with PICS and much more click here!


2 Responses to “Park City, Closer than you think.”

  1. Jeff said

    How many days per year is it unreasonable to make it into SLC due to snow in the canyon?

  2. ZERO days due to snow. I can tell all of you from experience over the past 2 years (one of which being a horrible ski season)……parleys is the FIRST TO BE PLOWED. At times you will want all wheel or four wheel drive but it’s not worse than I-215 belt route ever!

    Also, you NEVER hit traffic. IN two years I have slowed from 75mph to 45mph because of construction or weather maybe 4 times–

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