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Great Deal On READY Building Lots

Posted by UtahCribs, Real Estate, Homes on May 15, 2008

Following the Wall Street Journal Article yesterday suggesting the Real Estate crisis has come to an end we are posting so rock bottom deals for you to consider.  You see, when the market gets bad inventory goes up and prices come down…..that’s the simple equation.  More than that, builders and developers often offer many incentives to move their inventory quickly.  The Shire Ridge development that we introduced you too a month ago has now decided that:

  1. Gardner Yedlin will subordinate all 13 lots at a lot price of $125,000 totaling $1,625,000 to the homebuilder. Gardner Yedlin will then provide the Homebuilder a Seller’s Note for $115,000 per lot that is due and payable upon the sale of each home.


2.    The Homebuilder purchases all 13 Lots at the appraised bulk value amount of $2,700,003. (Appraisal completed April 8, 2008).


This is a great opportunity to buy while its down.  Did I mention these lots have great views of the Jordan River Temple?   here is a view from the LAND:


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