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Best Deal for NEW place in SLC

Posted by UtahCribs, Real Estate, Homes on July 28, 2008

Yeah yeah, i know you read to TRIBUNE!  we know the market is BAD!  However, stuff is still seeling especialyl in the lower price range.  You want PROOF???? as me for it and I will e-mail you ALL the stats.  However, you want to trust my expertise?  Then BUY one of these places:

grayhawk–Town HOMES

They are the CHEAPEST price per foot from downtown to 6200 south and from state street to 700 east. they are 2000 feet FULLY finished with NICE quality, 2 car garages and surprisingly the lot is secluded and very nice surrounded by big trees. Be the first to make the move and I think I can even get you a better deal than the list price!  Also, use this builder direct and us our team and we can really get you some lending incentives….it’s possible to get this place 100% financed which means you would buy it and have NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET.  I am telling you, you find a better buy under $300K in SLC and show it to me…..because I bet you CAN’T!


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