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Project for sale APPROOVED/GOOD location, NEED BUILDER

Posted by UtahCribs, Real Estate, Homes on August 29, 2008

Many of you have seen the project called Millcreek 9 on 39th S and 9th E we have been marketing for about months. The plans have been approved by the city and the project is ready to be built. we have a list of about 25 interested parties wanting to purchase when the project is complete.

The DEVELOPER for some personal reasons has decided to sale the project. It will come with the plans and everything he has. Renderings, and floor plans can be seen at www.millcreek9.com

The Specs ARE:

Land is approved for 25 units. Developer has plans for 6 town homes and 16 condos with under ground parking. His price points are $310K for the TH and $250K for the condos.

Personally I feel in the market the Town Homes should be around $275 or under and the Condos should be at $199K.

If you use MY numbers the retail sales price of the project should be around $4.85 Million. From what I see I think the project should be able to be built for around $3,000,000-

I know for a FACT it tuff to get lending right now so a perspective buyer would need to have STRONG FINANCIAL’S and a good chunk of $$ to put down-

PRICE YOU ASK? Developer is DESPERATE, bring me a SOLID offer price that YOU think is fair and I will present it to him!


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