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UTAH, America’s Best States to Live in…

Posted by UtahCribs, Real Estate, Homes on March 16, 2009

 America’s Best States to Live

Rebecca Ruiz, 03.11.09, 01:00 PM EDT

Residents of these areas have a higher quality of life than others in the U.S.

America’s Best States to Live It seems that the recession has touched every corner of American life. From factory workers to those in finance, Americans have been shaken by a contracting economy that has shed 4.4 million jobs since December 2007. But a report released this week by Gallup and disease management company Healthways suggests that reality is less grim in certain states. In these places, residents enjoy their jobs, express deep optimism about future prospects and even manage to stay healthy.

Utah earned the highest marks. Here residents reported a high level of satisfaction in several areas, including work environment, emotional health and their local communities. One major factor for Utah’s strong performance might be its unemployment rate: When last reported in January, it was 4.6% compared with a national rate of 7.6%.


Hawaii ranked second, followed by Wyoming, Colorado and Minnesota. West Virginia ranked last, and manufacturing-reliant states like Michigan and Ohio also landed in the bottom 10. 

This is exactly one of the reasons Real Estate in Utah is significantly different than that of the rest of the country. In a time where every day we are bombarded with negative news about the economic forecast, I thought some of us locals would appreciate to know how the rest of the country views us. With one of the lowest unemployment rates we will weather through the storm. Properties in Utah did not see some of the crazy appreciation like the rest of the county. Did we go up more than what was realistic? Sure we did! We have corrected, and some would argue maybe we have a little more ways to go, however compared to the rest of the country it has been a softer blow. Our in-migration is still very high, and with Real Estate prices affordable, it will continue to draw thousands of people to our wonderful state.   Spencer Janke


4 Responses to “UTAH, America’s Best States to Live in…”

  1. Hey, Stop telling people this is such a great place! Just kidding.

  2. Angelica said

    Well stated Spencer. This is a great place and the real estate is priced well.

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