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Interest Rates will rise in 2010!

Posted by UtahCribs, Real Estate, Homes on March 27, 2009

I was just driving in my car listening to some great talk radio. They had a couple analyst discussing the economic status of our wonderful country. As many of you know interest rates are at an all time low. The lowest in 30 years. It is amazing how great of an opportunity it is right now. Back to the radio, I can’t quit remember who was talking, but they were discussing how without a doubt we are going to be battling inflation within the next 12 to 18 months. At the rate we are printing money, we will most likely be faced with the a similar situation as we saw in 1979-1980. Where we saw interest rates fluctuating between 8 – 12%. Two of the analysts agree that inflation is going to rise, and the solution to that problem will be raising interest rates. Something to think about. Everyone should realize it is impossible for rates to stay as low as they are forever…



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