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Megaplex Theaters, New Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince..

Posted by UtahCribs, Real Estate, Homes on April 5, 2009

So I recieved an interesting phone call this last week. It is a difficult time in the economy as we all know. Many of you have been to one of our movie events. We usually do a movie night at one of the Megaplex Theater locations twice a year. It is our way to say Thank You to our friends and family. Apparently Megaplex, has been pinched a little by the economy as well, so therefore they have offered us the opening weekend for the New Harry Potter movie. We will be giving tickets away on this blog for free. So keep coming back and take advantage of this opportunity. I hope to see a lot of our devote followers of the blog at the movie. It is not until July, however keep coming back I may be posting a few contests to give away tickets  periodically. For those of you who are on the ball, comment to this post and I will put you on the list right away so when July rolls around you and your family have tickets.. It will be opening weekend in July… I know all of you will want to see this new Harry Potter movie.. I hope you all are enjoying your wonderful Sunday….



6 Responses to “Megaplex Theaters, New Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince..”

  1. Taylor said

    Free movie tickets? Nice… Put me on the list.

  2. Tickets said

    Oh, It’s nice,Can i get this tickets?

  3. The Pirate's Wife said

    We are huge Harry Potter fans in our house! We’ve love to be on the list for tickets – thank you!

  4. Tucker said

    We also are big fans of Harry Potter . . . We’d love to be on the list. Thanks!

  5. Deboni said

    My husband would flip if i got him tickets please sign me up!!!

  6. Tanner Kinsley said

    Sign me up please, i love this movie

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