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Bank Owned Homes in UTAH..

Posted by UtahCribs, Real Estate, Homes on April 14, 2009

I am getting many requests for Bank owned homes.. People keep asking me for lists. First off, all we do get lists directly from many banks. Most banks are going to list their inventory across the multiple listing service to get as much exposure as they possibly can. Banks are getting a lot smarter than many people are giving them credit for. They have already made the bad loan, so if they are going to reposess the property, make no mistake they are going to recoop as much of their money as they possibly can. Often times, people correlate Bank owned home with the word “deal”

To be honest, most of the incredible deals, or buys we have seen lately have been the opposite. An individual owner who wants out, and can afford to get out. Here are a list of the area’s we are getting many Bank Owned properties…

Bank Owned homes in Sandy,

Bank Owned homes in Salt Lake City,

Bank Owned homes in Riverton,

Bank Owned homes in South Jordan.

Bank Owned homes in Park City,

Bank Owned homes in Draper

Bank Owned Homes in West Jordan..

And basically every other suburb of Salt Lake City, UTAH. Again, remember some of the best deals are normal private sellers. banks can’t lose any more money than they already have.. So if you are still interested in a bank property, let me know and I will email you the spreadsheet..

Spencer Janke



One Response to “Bank Owned Homes in UTAH..”

  1. Chad said

    Please send me the list for homes in salt lake city, i am not interested in the other suburbs.

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