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10 Things to buy before the economy improves.

Posted by UtahCribs, Real Estate, Homes on April 18, 2009

1. A house….. Time to buy a home is now. Why? Housing prices finally seem to be bottoming out in most regions. There are also some great buys available due to short sales and foreclosures, which accounted for 40%-45% of purchases in February, according to the National Association of Realtors. Falling interest rates (under 5% for a 30-year mortgage) and government incentives ($8,000 first-time home buyer’s credit) aren’t bad either.

2. Buy a Car, with all of the crazy incentives right now you will be upset that you didn’t

3.Go on Vacation. Flights are cheap, Hotels are offering insane deals. We stayed in the Wynn casion the Encore, for $75 a night a couple weekends ago..

4. Toys, deals, deals and deals

5. High-dividend stocks the stock market is down 40%. So if you are risky go for it..

6.Diamonds, they are down significantly they will go up.

7.Woman’s clothing, again deals deals and deals

8. A television, hello flat panels are going for half the cost now

9. Lap top, they are down 20% use one..

10. Furniture.. Deals people do I need to repeat myself.


I found this article great, considering I found in in Forbes magazine.


Any thoughts


Spencer Janke


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