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Rental Investments in Salt Lake City, UTAH that CASH FLOW

Posted by UtahCribs, Real Estate, Homes on April 20, 2009

This has been a great day for deals. Here are three great cash flowing investment opportunities. Now @ 100% financed they are cash flowing almost $500 Each.. That has been non existent for a long time.  One of these is a bank REPO and will go fast. A duplex in downtown Salt Lake City, UTAH. 3200 Sq. Ft. for $165,000?  The other one that I like a lot in on Danish Road in Sandy, UTAH. Next to all of the ski resorts. This is an incredible buy.. Let me know if you have anyone interested. I can provide proof of payments to anyone who is interested..


 878868  $164,900   ACT|DPLX  Front and Rear  3,134  $0  1
182 KELSEY AVE  Salt Lake City  1921  1160S/182E   Tour /
 2|1791  $0  2|1343  $0  0|0  $0  0|0  $0


 879252  $317,000   ACT|4PLX  Side by Side  3,840  $0  2
2332 S 700 E  Salt Lake City  1980  2332S/700E   NA /
 2|960  $650  2|960  $600  2|960  $595  2|960  $595

 877854  $341,500   ACT|DPLX  Side by Side  3,466  $0  3
8883 S DANISH RD  Salt Lake County  1976  8883S/1E   NA /
 2|1733  $1,250  2|1733  $1,250  0|0  $0  0|0  $0

2 Responses to “Rental Investments in Salt Lake City, UTAH that CASH FLOW”

  1. Rob Lapuaho said

    Is it possible to buy this house for $100,000.00 Out the door?

  2. No….the house is already the lowest price per square foot in the neighborhood. The bank will not budge on price.

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