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Utah New Home Buyers Grant, New Construction.

Posted by UtahCribs, Real Estate, Homes on April 28, 2009

SALT LAKE CITY –Many Utahans have been taking advantage of the many incentives for buyers in the market today. Utahans are able to take advantage of a program for buyers of newly built homes, where they are qualified for a $6,000 Grant. I though many of you would be interested to see who and where that money has been going. Once the money is spent, there will be no more Grants,  so hurry and take advantage of the opportunity.

Spencer Janke

In the first six weeks of the state’s Home Run program, which is intended to eliminate a glut of homes on the market that have never been lived in, more than 530 people received $6,000 grants to buy a new house. Another 219 grants were awarded in the past two weeks.  80 percent of the grants awarded in the first month of the program went to homes bought for less than $300,000. Curt Dowdle, the executive officer for the Salt Lake Homebuilders Association, tells the Tribune the program is a great stimulus for them.

The program started March 16. Gov. Jon Huntsman signed the program offering 1,600 grants into law to help eliminate a glut of newly built homes on the market that have never been lived in. Huntsman has said that the housing grants are expected to create about 8,500 jobs. The $10 million for the program comes from President Barack Obama’s federal stimulus package


One Response to “Utah New Home Buyers Grant, New Construction.”

  1. Brad Miles said

    I really hope buyers take advantage of these incentives. Keep in mind that the $6,000 home run grant can be combined with the $8,000 federal tax grant. I also know that many builders on these new construction properties are offering their own incentives to buyers (paid closing costs, rate buy-downs, etc). Start adding these up and the savings can get pretty big.

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