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Utah Housing Market is seeing stabilization..

Posted by UtahCribs, Real Estate, Homes on August 10, 2009

I know it is all opinion.. However, it seems inventory in in Salt Lake City is on the decline. Now this could be attributed to several factors.

1- People are lowering price to current Market Values
2- Homes are being withdrawn from the market.
3- Buyers are realizing the end of the world is not here 🙂 Ha Ha

Interesting article to read


In a time of un knows, there are a few points we can be assured of. And that is what goes up, must come down. But at the same time what goes down eventually must level off? I know I am the optimistic Real Estate guy. However life must go on, I am not telling everyone to go out and buy a home right now, but I think you all should take into consideration current pricing, with current interest rates to make the best decision possible.

Something interesting for the locals..

Another Forbes Article saying how wonderful UTAH Real Estate is..

It today’s financial mess, statistics mean almost as much as what our politicians are saying.. You need to pay attention to the facts. So lets look at Utah. Obviously I am more optimistic about my wonderful State than others..
UTAH’s Benefits.
1- Immigration
2- Unemployment as of July 5.4 % Compared to 9.4% nationally
3- Education base
4- Continue rise of business coming to Utah.
5- Hello our Mountains!

These are things that people need to pay attention to. We are not Las Vegas, Phoenix, or California. We have the above things going for us..


2 Responses to “Utah Housing Market is seeing stabilization..”

  1. Bill Turner said

    2010 will be the worst year since interests will have to raise significantly in order to prevent the dollar from a complete collapse. Otherwise China will stop buying the debt and OPEC will stop using the dollar for oil. The fed rate is currently at 0 allowing for the 30 fixed rate to be at 4.75. Can’t wait until the fed raises 5 points and mortgage rates rise to 10 percent. Twice the cost to purchase a home with debt.

    Based on the last 100 years of household income to home prices, most of Utah is still 20-35 percent overpriced. Still a really bad time to buy a home – especially if you don’t already own one. Excellent time to sell a home if you can sell it!

  2. Bill Turner said

    Oh yea, Why are the Realtors now quoting the national reports when they kept preaching not to a year ago. I guess whatever position helps sell homes. Realtors are the worst people to listen to regarding home prices. Listen to an economist.

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