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New Home Grant, New Construction Grant… FREE MONEY

Posted by UtahCribs, Real Estate, Homes on September 8, 2009

Ok everyone, it was announced last week. We are getting another round of State money for the Home Purchase Grant. If you all remember it from last time, this one is a little different. Is $4000 toward a new construction house, or new home that has never been lived in. This is a great opportunity for a lot of you first time home buyers. Buy a home that has never been lived in, Home Run Facts..$4000 from the state and the $8000 from the fed govt.. You can beat that. With prices at an all time low, interest rates as low as they are, plus all the incentives. You would be crazy to not take advantage. Please call me if you have any questions about it and I will help you understand..

You can watch the number of Grants left here..


2 Responses to “New Home Grant, New Construction Grant… FREE MONEY”

  1. Adam Breen said

    I cannot agree with Jake anymore. I am in the new construction industry and can truly say NOW is the time to buy/build a NEW home. I do not see building cost getting much lower than they are now, laborers are just not willing to work for less money and suppliers are not willing to budge anymore either. Many people THINK they can make RIDICULOUS offers to sitting spec homes, but believe me, builders ARE LOOSING MONEY on most current sitting homes. Builders are also willing to “loose” money on sitting homes because they can re-build the same home for about 50K less! Think about it; Buying a brand new home for LESS than the cost to build, get an ALL TIME LOW interest rate, AND get 12k back from the GOV! ALL while working with the best Real estate Agents in the state.

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