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Salt Lake City Real Estate

Salt Lake Real Estate

If you are looking for homes for sale in Salt Lake City  www.utahcribs.com. Real Estate in Salt Lake City consists of a lot more than just Salt Lake City proper. It’s not just Salt Lake City, it’s the Salt Lake Valley. For many years Salt Lake Real Estate has meant more than just the real properties located in the Downtown area’s of Salt Lake City. Many families asking about Real Estate for sale in Salt Lake, Investors, relocating buyers from out of state, and those people searching the MLS on the internet many sellers know that clients ask for home for sale in SLC they are actually referring to the many homes for sale in the many communities surrounding SLC proper. Buyers of properties for sale in Salt Lake are looking at the many cities that make up the Salt Lake County area. From Bountiful Utah, to the most souther border of Salt Lake county of Draper City.  Buying a home in SLC means looking for homes for sale in West Jordan, Sandy City, South Jordan, Taylorsville, Herriman, Riverton, Murray, Midvale, and Draper. All of these cities are considered “Salt Lake city”.

Sandy, Utah
The city of Sandy, Utah, also known as Sandy City is one of the many suburbs settled in the early 1860s that make up the County of Salt Lake, and the hub of towns that have become known as Salt Lake Valley.

Sandy, Utah Real Estate

Growth in the area since the late 90s has been steady, diverse, and substantial, averaging about 200 single family new home building permits a year, (new homes for sale) until 2006 when permits for new homes for sale exceeded 470 units. In spite of this dynamic growth, the planning commission can boast that 9 out of 10 property owners live within one half mile from a park. The city continues to grow, with a wide variety of new construction projects on the board and in the ground. In 2006 Sandy City was named by Money Magazine as the 23rd best places to live in America. In addition the city has been named each year for each of the last 10 years one of Americas “safest Cities”. The crown of achievements however according to locals is the fact that property taxes have not been raised in the last 20 years.

Murray, Utah Real Estate
Murray, Utah real estate is growing steadily and new homes for sale in the area over the past five years have all been in the low $200s. In 2002 there were 78 single family homes built for sale at an average price of $221,000. In 2003 there were 99 single family home permits issued at an average price of $214,400. The year 2004 saw 118 buildings at an average price of $217,100 and 2005 with 69 building starts at an average price of $201,600. The number of new homes for sale increased every year up until 2005 when it dropped down a bit in addition to the average home prices. Just 5 years later, in 2007, the estimated median house or condo value in Murray was about $238,000. All housing units were estimated @ $263,000 with detached homes going for $295,000 and Townhomes/townhouses and Condos a littl less at $224,000.If you are interested in Murray, Utah real estate, buying now while prices are more affordable is a better option than waiting!

Murray Utah with a 2007 population of 38,116 spread over only 12.3 square miles, Murray,  packs plenty into a small area. The city is full of life on Main Street and there are lots of fun activities from fishing to shopping for residents and visitors alike to take part in. At more than 100 years old, Murray still reflects the past and its history while moving full speed into the future.  To visit the Murray City Utah homesite for additional information and important updates go to Murray City.

Close by Cities
Cities close to Murray, Utah, include Midvale, Millcreek, Cottonwood West, South Salt Lake, Taylorsville, Holladay, East Millcreek, and Cottonwood Heights. All of these cities are within five mils of Murray, Utah.

Public high schools in Murray, Utah include Murray High and Creekside High. Middle schools include Hillcrest Junior High and Riverview Junior High. Elementary schools include Park Side Elementary, Longview Elementary, Horizon Elementary, Viewmont Elementary, McMillan elementary, Liberty Elementary and Grant Elementary. All of these schools are part of the Murray City School District that came into existence in 1906.

Close by colleges and universities include Salt Lake Community College, Brigham Young University, Utah State University, Weber State University, University of Phoenix-Utah Campus, University of Utah, and Utah Valley State College. With all of these options finding a college to attend shouldn’t be a problem whatsoever!

South Jordan Utah

One of Utah’s fastest growing cities, South Jordan is a great place to live. It is located in the southern part of the Salt Lake Valley, only 13 miles from the state’s capital and largest city Salt Lake City. Adjoining S. Jordan is West Jordan to the North, Sandy City and the Jordan River to the East, Draper Ut. to the South East, Riverton on the South and Herriman to the South West. South Jordan is likely to double soon thanks to a master-planned community called Daybreak Community that will cover the western half of the city with homes for sale, shopping centers, parks, schools and job opportunities. This 4000 acre community is still under construction, but when completed the population of South Jordan, Utah will increase dramatically.

DayBreak At South Jordan:
Daybreak Community will also have an 85 acre man-made lake that will provide residents all kinds of recreational activities from fishing to boating and skiing to swimming. The lake is not anticipated to be completed until 2010, but its construction is already underway. This development will enhance the beauty of South Jordan and provide numerous activities to residents.

MORE South Jordan Real Estate: 
Single family home 
new construction permits have been on the rise the last decade. Average prices for Real Estate & homes for sale in South Jordan  has been increasing as well. For example, in 2001 only 349 building permits for single family homes for sale issued at an average price of $127,800. This number of homes for sale jumped to 610 in 2002 at an average price of $129,000 and the numbers of So. Jordan homes for sale kept going up until 2006 with 1112 issued permits at an average price of $203,379. As you can see there is more growth in South Jordan Real Estate each year, and  prices on the average homes for sale is going up as well. As of September 1, 2007 the population of South Jordan was in excess of 50,000 people.

Riverton Utah

If you are looking for a great place to live you might want to consider Riverton, Utah. It was ranked by CNN Money Magazine in 2005 as the nation’s 60th best place to live. Located in the Salt Lake Valley, Riverton, is about 20 miles from the capital of Salt Lake City. This proximity allows many residents to enjoy the lifestyle of a smaller city while being close enough to a large city for work, shopping, and more. However, Riverton is growing and the 2006 population of over 37000 is increasing every year. This former rural area has truly transformed itself into a suburban city with all that goes along with it.


Herriman Utah, located just 22 miles South West of Salt Lake City, the capital of the state is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing communities along the Wasatch Front. Herriman has mountains on the West, Copperton,  South Jordan, on the North, Rivertonon the East and Bluffdale to the South. Although incorporated as recently as 1999, Herriman has had a population explosion that has fostered a need for the expansion of land boundaries. Homes, Town homes, condominiums and apartment developments will continue to be built, and the growth of retail and commercial development is already planned.

Rosecrest, a 2200 acre P.U.D. owned and developed by the Sorenson family sets the growth tone for the area, having contributed over 2000 homes, with projections to add between 200 to 400 houses for sale each year. The Sorenson family and various land owners were succesful last year in annexing an additional 4000 acres to Rosecrest and Herriman so Rosecrest should continue to develop the infastructure IE: commercial, retail, office, parks and schools. The additional land annexed will certainly make possible additional homes for sale in a wide range of home and Condominium price ranges.

Home owners and their families are served by the Jordan School District, the largest of Utah’s 40 districts. School sites have been allocated as part of the master plan and are projected to keep pace with home building. Jordan School District’s commitment to provide quality education is reflected by the facts that student test scores are consistantly above state and national averages, and High School graduation rates are among the highest in the country. To research boundaries, test scores, graduation rates etc. go to 
Jordan School District.




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