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What will happen to Real Estate in 2010? Interest Rates 2010? Incentives, tax credits?

Posted by spencerjanke on February 8, 2010

What a crazy time we live in right now.. Every sigle day I am having these conversations with different people about what is going to happen. I will be the first one to admit, “I don’t Know.” How can I possibly predict what is going to happen in the Real Estate Market in UTAH? I am a market expert in My local Salt Lake City, UTAH area! But does that mean I can predict what is going to happen? Can I determine what will happen when Interest Rates go up this Year? Can I predict how the markets will react when the tax incentives expire on April 30th? NO, I can’t.. I can tell you what I am going to bet will happen. But it is just the opinion of a local Real Estate Broker in Salt Lake City, UTAH.

I think we are in for another up and down year, and I will tell you why?

Market Update, interest rates, and tax incentives

Bottom line people, is that as a society we can not afford to keep giving money to people to buy things. IE…. Tax incentives are not going to be around after this spring. The rule says, be under contract in a new home by April 30, 2010 and close by June 30, 2010. Or you will not qualify for the tax credit… If you have questions about it, call me or email me and I will help you out.

Now Interest Rates? You would be blown away at how many people are interested in this subject, the affordablity of a home is tied to your interest rate. Do I think they are going to go up? Yes, Interest Rates are going to go up, I don’t care what you think or why, bottom line interest rates will have to go up in 2010

Ok, now the last thing. Bank Foreclosures in Utah. Do I know where a list of Free Bank Foreclosures in Utah is? Yes I do, all you need to do is go to this website and sign up, they will simply email you a list once a week of the new Bank owned homes in Utah, Check it out easy..

FREE Bank Foreclosures in UTAH


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Interest Rate News. Interest rate predictions.. Up to date news about Interest rates

Posted by UtahCribs, Real Estate, Homes on February 2, 2010

So we all have been watching with intensity about the debacle over interest rates. I am going to try and continue to keep people informed on what is happening with interst rates on a daily basis. You see so many different opinions it is hard to decipher what is really going on.. Not to mention, reading these articles at times makes you feel you need to go back to college, or get out a dictionary to help you know what you just read. So if you have any questions about interest rates, and what will happend to interest rates give me a ring, you can call or email me any time.. Spencer Janke 801-671-7877 spencer@utahcribs.com

Interest rate predictions for 2010

This article is great for prediction in the near future.. The big discrepency between when they will rise is at the center of the debat. But everyone is in agreement that they will go up… Just a matter of when..

Another great article to read, and for that matter a website to continue to check on what is happending is bankrate.com

Check out bankrate.com

This is a great website to breakdown the daily news of the market. It has really helped me understand the news we are hearing.. Hope this helped..

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Economic Cartoons.. The economy sometimes is a joke?

Posted by UtahCribs, Real Estate, Homes on January 30, 2010

This past week has been a long one, and so therefore I was in need of a little pick me up.. These funny economic cartoons make me smile. I hope you all have a wonderful saturday, contemplating the status of our world wide economy.. Good luck

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